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Turbo Cool Update

Brian Jessie and Gene Kritzberger - Voith

Business Excellence - The Need for Speed

Jose Pires and Donna Sterrick - Black & Veatch

Economic and Mechanical Benefits of Utilizing Automatic Balancing & Online Monitoring on Integral Engines/Compressors

Kent Petersen, Dylan Abel - Windrock; Kenneth L'Anglois, Ray Kimmel - DCP Midstream

Understanding Centrifugal Compressors

Rainer Kurz, Solar; Klaus Brun, SWRI

Thermal Design Considerations for Centrifugal Compressor Piping Systems

Francisco Fierro, Benjamin White - SWRI; Angel Rivera, Kinder Morgan

Real World Solutions for Old World Vibration Problems

Marybeth McBain, Wally Bratek, Gary Maxwell - Wood Group

Pulsation Vibration Short Course

Ben White, Eugene Broermann, Kelsi Katcher - SWRI

Principles of Business Ethics

Bill Couch - PECOFacet, Norm Shade - ACI

Novel Solutions to Reduce the Impact of AIV

Bennett, Simon, Delimont, Allison - SWRI

New Look at SIPs (Screw-in Precombustion Chambers)

Greg Beshouri, Hoerbiger Engine Solutions; David Lepley, Altronic LLC; Dr. Luigi Tozzi and Emmanuella Sotiropoulou, Prometheus

Lube Reduction in Reciprocating Compressors

Justin Yance, Joe Hagan - Ariel Corp.

Impact of Fuel Composition and Operating Parameters on Knock in an Uncontrolled 2-SC Pipeline Engine

John Ladd, Dan Olsen - Colorado State University; Greg Beshouri - Hoerbiger Engine Solutions; Tom Wick - Altronic

Derivation of Enthalpy & Entropy Equations that Use Experimentally Measurable Quantities

Klaus Brun, Shane Coogan, Sarah Simons, Brandon Ridens - SWRI; Rainer Kurz - Solar Turbines