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Review of Wet Gas Effects on Gas Machinery in the Oil & Gas Industry

Grant Musgrove, SwRI; Griffin Beck, SwRI; Melissa Poerner, SwRI

GMRC Research Project: Guideline for Calculation of Power Loss of Compressor Manifolds

Kelly Eberle, P.Eng.; Gordon Sun, P.Eng.; Beta Machinery Analysis

Flow through Piston Seals in Lubricated Reciprocating Gas Compressors

Dr. Stephen Boedo; Professor; Department of Mechanical Engineering; Rochester Institute of Technology

Predicting the Power Loss of Reciprocating Compressor Manifolds GMRC Research Project

Kelly N Eberle, B.Sc., P.Eng. Beta Machinery; Kamal Botros, Ph.D., P.Eng.

Pipe Support Stiffness

Chris B. Harper, Beta Machinery Analysis

Designing a Linear Motor Recip Compressor to Achieve 12,700 psi Outlet Pressure

Eugene Buddy Broerman, Klaus Brun, PhD, and Jeffery Bennett, SwRI; W Norm Shade, ACI Services; Lalit Chordia, PhD, Thar Energy

Benchmark Study: Cost Reduction And Reliability Improvements For Reciprocating Compressors In Shale Gas Applications

Joe Baker, BSCE, Flatrock Compression; Randy Dal Molin, BSC, HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc

Experimental and Simulated Pressure Measurements of a Two-Stroke Large Bore Natural Gas Spark-Ignited Engine

Aaron Griffin, Alireza Mashayekh and Dr. Timothy Jacobs, Texas A&M University

A Closer Look At Rod Load Definitions And Rod Load Limitations Of Reciprocating Compressors

Gerhard Knop, NEUMAN & ESSER GmbH & Co. K, Klaus Hoff, NEUMAN & ESSER GmbH & Co. KG

Application of Earned Value Management Theory on Projects

Kevin Dunn PE, PMP, Donna Sterrick PMP, Black & Veatch

Analytical Processes for High Performance Catalytic Exhaust Systems

Agron Gjinolli, Cary Bremigan, and Jay Warner, Universal Acoustic and Emission Technologies, Inc.

Case Study: Design and Performance Verification Testing of a Screw Compressor Discharge Silencer

Dr Thomas Chirathadam, Benjamin White; and Eugene 'Buddy' Broerman, SwRI; T. Sean Tavares, PhD, University of New Hampshire Manchester; Jawad Abbas Esmaeel, BSc, ME, and Sharad Kumar Meshram, BSc, ME, Kuwait Oil Company