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Intelligent Engine Future – A Look Back to Help Guide the Next Steps

Loran Novacek, and Ken Sorak, Dresser-Rand Engenuity

Optimized Robust Compressor Station Design Methodology

Benjamin A. White, P.E., Barron J. Bichon, Ph.D., David L. Ransom, P.E., and Eugene “Buddy” Broerman, SwRI

Meet Compressor Emissions and Maximize Site Rated Power Utilization by Conditioning Fuel Gas

Sachin Joshi, Kaaeid Lokhandwala and Hesham Hussain, Membrane Technology and Research, Inc; Ivan Villa and Jennifer Knowlton, Agave Energy Co

Metal Mesh Dampers for Piping Support and Vibration Control

Thomas Abraham Chirathadam, PhD, and Benjamin A. White, SwRI, Naji Hajje, Fabreeka Intl

GMRC Project Results: Solutions to Mechanical Vibrations on Compressors

Wally Bratek, Principal Engineer, and Kelly Eberle, Principal Engineer, Beta Machinery Analysis; Other GMRC Project Advisory Team Members

Facility Assessment - Critical Documentation

Terry White, PE, PMP, Pacific Gas and Electric; R. W. (Bill) Sullivan, PE, PMP, Gulf Interstate Engineering

Linear and Torsional Vibration Study for an Engine Driven Compressor System

Wenchao Wang, Ph.D, Josh Braun, Raj Chundi and Rakesh Khan, IDC Technical Services; Tom Stephens and Fred Newman, Ariel Corporation