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Update on Caterpillar’s G3500 & GCM Engine

Wayne Longer - Caterpillar Global Petroleum

TCR, The Cutting Edge/TCA, The Benchmark

Bruce V. Horner - MAN Diesel North America, Inc.

Hoerbiger Electronic Fuel Control System (EFC)

Hans Mathews & Ronnie Walker - Hoerbiger Engineering Services

High Efficient Pipeline Compressor Packages

Christean Kapp - Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Inc.

Dry Gas Seal Retrofits

Rainer Kurz - Solar Turbines Incorporated

ACTT/GMRCSoftware Update

Charles Ely, PE - ACTT, div. of CECO

Watching Expenses? Avoid Costly Shutdowns, Be Proactive and Insure Torque Tool Accuracy

Brad Anderson, Tom Smith & Keith Fitzgeralds – MobileCal/Scott Schubring & John Cordaway - El Paso Pipeline Group

Turbocharging for Optimized Performance

Hans Mathews - Hoerbiger Engineering Services/Dustin Malicke - Cameron Compression Systems Patrick Jacob - Williams Gas Pipeline

Saving Fuel in Large-Bore Natural Gas Engines Using Cylinder-by-Cylinder Electronic Fuel Control: A Case Study

James J. McCoy, Jr., PE - Hoerbiger Engineering Services/Ronald Wachowiak – El Paso Pipeline Group Harley (Mac) Smith – Tennessee Gas Pipeline

Resolving Common Vibration Problems on Reciprocating Compressors

Bill Eckert, Walter Bratek & Rich Bennekemper, Beta Machinery Analysis

Reducing Compressor Maintenance Costs by Leveraging Remote Runtime Monitoring

Matt Begler - M2M Data Corporation/Robert Carter - Enerven Compression Services