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New Products

Hans Mathews - Hoerbiger Engineering Services

A New Compressor Valve

Kriss McDonald- Ariel Corporation

EZ Rail

Dave Bell, Altronic, Inc.

eMAX mini Poppet Valves

Joe Minlot - Compressor Engineering Corp.

Gas Turbine & Centrifugal Compressor Field Test Software Development

Timothy C. Allison, Marybeth Nored & Klaus Brun - Southwest Research Institute

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of Natural Gas Engines

Kevin McKenna - ExxenMobil Lubricants & Petroleum Specialties Co.

The Cost of Lost Gas

Jim Rauh, Compressor Engineering Corp.

Waste Heat Recovery for Pipeline Compressor Stations

Hans Mathews & Michael Smith – Hoerbiger Engineering Services/Lyndall Keene – Revack Corporation

Validation and Laboratory Testing of an Active Air Control System to Reduce Overall Engine Emissions in Two-Stroke Cycle Engines

Kirby Chapman & Diana Grauer – National Gas Machinery Laboratory, Kansas State University

Using WebMap Software

Charles E. Ely, Jr. PE – ACTT, div. of CECO

Testing of a Semi-Active Valve for Reciprocating Compressors

Klaus Brun – Southwest Research Institute/Kevin Durham - Cook Compression/John Platt & Meron Wollie – BP