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Customer Driven Upgrades to the Engine Peak Meter

Paul M Odneal, Kistler Instrument Corp.

Siemens Pipeline Compressor

Gas Machinery Research Council Siemens

Technology Update GMC 2007

David Krenek Product Support Development Manager

Use of Oil-Flooded Screw Compressors with Rolling Bearings Under Severe Sour Gas Conditions: The Bearing Technology & The Reference Installation

Lars Kahlman, SKF Industrial Division/Bill Bonis, SKF USA/Rod Mosher & Dean P. McInnes, Syncrude Canada Ltd.

Turbocharger Design & Performance Analysis

Damian Kuiper, Globe Turbocharger Specialties

Torsional & Pulsation Design Audits

Mark A. Corbo & Stanley B. Malanoski, No Bull Engineering

Thermo Chemical Recuperation (TCR) for Fuel Savings & Emissions Reduction at Compressor Engines

John Pratapas & Aleksandr Kozlov, Gas Technology Institute/Thomas Sine, Dresser-Rand

Test & Evaluation of a Continuous Combustion Pressure Monitoring System for High-Speed Four-Stroke Engines

Ed Flanagan, Windrock, Inc./James F. McCraw, BP America Inc./Bill Ashton, PCB Piezotronics