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SCR Aftertreatment Systems to Gas Turbines in Gas Compression Service

Gerry Fischer- W-Industries, Dan Rem, Florence Rodriguez Ramos- Enbridge

Comparison of Pipe Support Effectiveness and Recommended Applications

Francisco Fierro- Southwest Research Institute, Angel Rivera- Kinder Morgan

Combustion Abnormalities: Causes, Effects, and Diagnostics

Shawn Damm, Eric Forthofer, Craig Asbill- Caterpillar

Challenges in Starting Medium Voltage Motors

Tanner Knecht, Matti Paaso, John Dulas- ABB

A New Approach for Safe and Cost-effective Compressor Station Blow-Down

W. Norm Shade- ACI Services Inc., Ronald Miller- Basic Systems, Inc., Michael Parlato- Vanec Industrial Silencers, Dane Hamilton- Dominion Energy Transmission, Inc.

Reciprocating Compressor Fleet Reliability - Asset Management Approaches and Trends from the Field

Wally Bratek, Alex Sosnowski, and Gary Maxwell, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Retrofitting Existing Compressor Stations

Cesare Ferrero, Nidec ASI; Mitchell Mauch and Sajeed Islam, Kinder Morgan

Design Considerations Associated with Reverse Flow Retrofitting

Chester Whinery and Kelsi Katcher, Southwest Research Institute; Phillip Bohannon, TransCanada

Making the Most of Pipeline Compressors: Alternatives to New Compression

Marybeth McBain, Kinder Morgan Pipeline Company; James Trent, Kinder Morgan Pipeline Company

The Risks of Mounting Low Horsepower Reciprocating Compressors on Sand/Gravel

Francisco Fierro, Chester Whinery - Southwest Research Institute; Angel Rivera, Kinder Morgan

Dynamic Simulation and Testing of a Modified Compressor Station

Rienk Zwerver, Gasunie; Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines; Sarah Simons, Adrian M. Alvarado, Klaus Brun, Southwest Research Institute

Dry Gas Seals and Panels: Design, Operation, and Maintenance Techniques for Improved Reliability

Meera Day, Southwest Research Institute; Tim Allison, Southwest Research Institute; Hector Delgado, Southwest Research Institute

Thermal Design Considerations for Centrifugal Compressor Piping Systems

Francisco Fierro, Benjamin White - SWRI; Angel Rivera, Kinder Morgan

Novel Solutions to Reduce the Impact of AIV

Bennett, Simon, Delimont, Allison - SWRI