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Dry Gas Seal Reliability: A Study of the Effects of Liquid Contamination on Seal Performance

Meera Day Towler, Timothy C. Allison, Ph.D., - Southwest Research Institute

Wet Gas Formation and Carryover in Compressor Suction Equipment - Part 2

Griffin Beck, Nathan Andrews- Southwest Research Institute

Valve Noise-Induced Problems and Mitigations at Compressor Facilities

Sarah Simons, Timothy Allison- Southwest Research Institute

Clark TCVC Troubleshoot Frame and Running Gear

Forrest Reid and Danny Vickers, Universal Plant Services Midstream

Basics of Compressor Valve Design and Troubleshooting

Ben Boutin and Patrick Taylor, HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc.

Trapped Equivalence Ratio for Air Fuel Ratio Control - Review and Update

Hans Mathews, Greg Beshouri - HOERBIGER Engine Solutions

Dry Gas Seals and Panels: Design, Operation and Maintenance Techniques for Improved Reliability

Meera Day, Tim Allison, Hector Delgado - Southwest Research Institute

Effects of Modeling the Kinematics of an Articulated Crank to Match In-Cylinder Compression Pressures and Port Timings

Kelsey Fieseler and Dr. Timothy Jacobs, Texas A&M University; Dr. Mark Patterson, Baker-Hughes, a GE Company

Case Study: Evaluation of Combustion Anomalies on a High Pressure Fuel Injected Clark TCVC-20M

Steven Hawley, Dresser-Rand; Mitchell Grace and Doug Tillison, TransCanada Pipeline

Development of a Liquid Seal: Baseline Emissions Measurements

Sarah Simons, Ryan Cater, Kelsi Katcher, Klaus Brun - Southwest Research Institute; Andreas Soderberg, NextSeal AB; Scott Schubring, Williams Gas Pipeline

Back-to-Basics Vibration Problem Solving

Kelly Eberle, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise; Mathieu Barabe, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise; Guy Gendron, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Real World Solutions for Old World Vibration Problems

Marybeth McBain, Wally Bratek, Gary Maxwell - Wood Group

Compressor Valve Design & Troubleshooting

Ben Boutin, Patrick Taylor - Hoerbiger