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Development of a Robust Scrubber Level Controller: Phase 1

Griffin Beck, Carolyn Day - Southwest Research Institute

Wet Gas Formation and Carryover in Suction Equipment - Phase 2

Griffin Beck, Nathan Andrews - Southwest Research Institute

Guidelines for the Selection of Filtration Equipment - Phase I

Steven T. Green, Seth M. Nelson - Southwest Research Institute

Dry Gas Seal Reliability: A Study of the Effects of Liquid Contamination on Seal Performance

Meera Day Towler, Timothy C. Allison, Ph.D., - Southwest Research Institute

Turbocharger Fundamentals: Performance Evaluation and Monitoring

Byron Jones and Eric Figge - Kansas State University

Effects of Modeling the Kinematics of an Articulated Crank to Match In-Cylinder Compression Pressures and Port Timings

Kelsey Fieseler and Dr. Timothy Jacobs, Texas A&M University; Dr. Mark Patterson, Baker-Hughes, a GE Company

Maximizing Compressor Output by Utilizing Excess Cooler Capacity

Jeremy Osborne, Pegasus Optimization Managers, LLC; Jesse Kahle, Caterpillar, Inc.

Gas Turbines: Emissions, Combustion and Fuels

Tim Lieuwen, Benjamin Emerson, Christopher Perullo, Turbine Logic

Evolved Expectations, Capabilities, and Topology for 21st Century Gas Compressor Package Monitoring and Control Systems

David Lepley, HOERBIGER Engine - Altronic; David E. Bell, HOERBIGER Engine - Altronic

Economic and Mechanical Benefits of Utilizing Automatic Balancing & Online Monitoring on Integral Engines/Compressors

Kent Petersen, Dylan Abel - Windrock; Kenneth L'Anglois, Ray Kimmel - DCP Midstream

New Look at SIPs (Screw-in Precombustion Chambers)

Greg Beshouri, Hoerbiger Engine Solutions; David Lepley, Altronic LLC; Dr. Luigi Tozzi and Emmanuella Sotiropoulou, Prometheus

Field Evolution of Integrated Continuous Engine Performance Monitoring

Susan Bothwell, John Millott - Advanced Engine Technologies Corp.; Gregg Arney, Sempra; Greg Beshouri, HOERBIGER

Building an Effective Monitoring & Diagnostics Program

Greg Tanck, PE, and Donna Sterrick,, PMP, Black & Veatch