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Retrofitting Existing Compressor Stations

Cesare Ferrero, Nidec ASI; Mitchell Mauch and Sajeed Islam, Kinder Morgan

Case Study: Evaluation of Combustion Anomalies on a High Pressure Fuel Injected Clark TCVC-20M

Steven Hawley, Dresser-Rand; Mitchell Grace and Doug Tillison, TransCanada Pipeline

GMRC Project: Wet Gas Reciprocating Compressor Performance Testing

Sarah Simons, Ryan Cater, and Klaus Brun - Southwest Research Institute; Dr. Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines

Design Considerations Associated with Reverse Flow Retrofitting

Chester Whinery and Kelsi Katcher, Southwest Research Institute; Phillip Bohannon, TransCanada

Maximizing Compressor Output by Utilizing Excess Cooler Capacity

Jeremy Osborne, Pegasus Optimization Managers, LLC; Jesse Kahle, Caterpillar, Inc.

Torsional Damping Benefits for Reciprocating Compressors

Thomas Stephens, Ariel Corporation; Dr. Klaus Prenninger, Geislinger; Charles Yeiser, RBTS; Sonny Noon, Markwest/Marathon

The Influence of Analytical Instrument and Sampling Parameters on the NOx Measurement

Rajesh Parmer, Robin (Linjie) Hu, DCL International Inc.; Sam Kirk, DCL America

Reducing Centrifugal Compressor Flange Loads with Respect to Thermal Growth of Piping

Angel Rivera, Kinder Morgan; Trenton Cook, Francisco Fierro - Southwest Research Institute

Shaft Forces During Centrifugal Compressor Surge

Klaus Brun, Sarah Simons - Southwest Research Institute; Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines Inc.

Case Study of Solving Screw Compressor Package Vibrations

Ramin Rahnama, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics and Noise; Kelly Eberle, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics and Noise; Martin Maculo, Williams; Eric Brink, Williams

A Case Study in the Application of SCR to Gas Turbines in Gas Compression Service

Gerry Fischer, AETC; Dan Rem, Enbridge; Florence Rodriguez Ramos, Enbridge

Gas Turbines: Emissions, Combustion and Fuels

Tim Lieuwen, Benjamin Emerson, Christopher Perullo, Turbine Logic

Making the Most of Pipeline Compressors: Alternatives to New Compression

Marybeth McBain, Kinder Morgan Pipeline Company; James Trent, Kinder Morgan Pipeline Company

The Risks of Mounting Low Horsepower Reciprocating Compressors on Sand/Gravel

Francisco Fierro, Chester Whinery - Southwest Research Institute; Angel Rivera, Kinder Morgan

Development of a Liquid Seal: Baseline Emissions Measurements

Sarah Simons, Ryan Cater, Kelsi Katcher, Klaus Brun - Southwest Research Institute; Andreas Soderberg, NextSeal AB; Scott Schubring, Williams Gas Pipeline