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Guideline for Gas Turbine Air Inlet Filtration Systems

Melissa Wilcox, SwRI Richard Baldwin, SwRI Augusto Garcia-Hernandez, SwRI Klaus Brun, Ph.D., SwRI

Shock Monitoring Technology for Reciprocating Machinery

Dr. George Zusman Director of Product Development IMI Sensors Division

New Products and Tools

David Krenek, Product Support Development

New Hand-Held Peak Meter

Presented at the Gas Machinery Conference Oklahoma City, Oklahoma October 2-4, 2006 Paul M Odneal, Kistler Instrument Corp.

The HOS Pipeline Cylinder

Gary Tas Painted Post, NY.

Development of the New Large Bore Ajax Engine

Bruce M. Chrisman Manager of Engineering, Cameron Compression Systems Oklahoma City, OK

Development of an Internal Direct Surge Control

Prepared by Roy Milum of Petrotech, Charged with the commercial development, demonstration testing, and product implementation. Presented by Robert McKee of SwRI, Researcher, inventor, and technical consultant for this development effort.

Cycle-by-Cycle Combustion monitoring

David Gardiner, Project Manager, Engine Instrumentation

Customer Driven Upgrades to the Engine Peak Meter

Paul M Odneal, Kistler Instrument Corp.