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2017Research Report

Wet Gas Formation and Carryover in Suction Equipment - Phase 2

Griffin Beck, Nathan Andrews - Southwest Research Institute

Analysis, Automation/Condition Monitoring

In gas processing, boosting, and gathering applications, drying and/or separating equipment is typically placed upstream of the compression equipment to remove water and hydrocarbon condensates. However, liquids can still be carried over from the upstream separation equipment. Furthermore, operating conditions may lead condensation in equipment downstream of the separator. When either liquid formation or liquid carryover occurs, wet gas is introduced to the equipment downstream of the separator. While it is generally understood that liquids can be present downstream of the separator, the conditions that lead to the liquid formation in this equipment are less clear. Furthermore, it is not clear how these multiphase fluids move through the equipment downstream of the separator. The work documented in this report addresses both of the preceding issues. In the first portion of this work, the mechanisms responsible for liquid formation in compressor suction equipment are explored. In the second part of this work, the effects of a multiphase flow exiting the separator and entering into the pulsation bottle are investigated.

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