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2017Research Report

GMRC Research Project, Effects of Pipe Strain on Vibrations

Ramin Rahnama, Kelly Eberle - Wood VDN

Reciprocating Compressors

This report summarizes the research and experience of Wood VDN (formerly Wood Group) on the field of effect of pipe strain on the vibrations in reciprocating compressors. A thorough literature review on the existing body of knowledge are presented in this report. Our assessment of the existing standards and technical papers showed although the existing standards can provide a minimum required level for preventing excessive pipe strain, more stringent criteria may be needed to be applied to reciprocating compressor applications. The application of existing standards in cases where multiple flanges are used in near vicinity of each other, or multiple nozzle on a pulsation bottle may be misleading. It is recommended to perform more finite element analysis and field measurements for specific reciprocating compressor configurations applications to better understand the effects of, and measure to control, pipe strain. This document also provides guidance to avoid pipe strain stress at the assembly stage, identify the pipe strain after the unit is assembled, and correct the pipe strain if needed. The procedures are based on the existing knowledge and may be updated after more research are performed.

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Research Report