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Basics of Compressor Valve Design and Troubleshooting

Ben Boutin and Patrick Taylor, HOERBIGER Corporation of America, Inc.

Reciprocating Compressor Fleet Reliability - Asset Management Approaches and Trends from the Field

Wally Bratek, Alex Sosnowski, and Gary Maxwell, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Diagnostics for Reciprocating Engines/Compressors

Gary Choquette, Pipeline Research Council International; Greg Beshouri, HOERBIGER; Gregg Arney, Southern California Gas

Trapped Equivalence Ratio for Air Fuel Ratio Control - Review and Update

Hans Mathews, Greg Beshouri - HOERBIGER Engine Solutions

Dry Gas Seals and Panels: Design, Operation and Maintenance Techniques for Improved Reliability

Meera Day, Tim Allison, Hector Delgado - Southwest Research Institute

Surge Avoidance in Mixed Centrifugal and Reciprocating Compressor Stations

Klaus Brun, Sarah Simons - Southwest Research Institute; Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines;

Systemic Fluid Flow Excitations of Piping Systems

Benjamin White, P.E., Eugene Broerman, III, and Sarah Simons - Southwest Research Institute

Effects of Modeling the Kinematics of an Articulated Crank to Match In-Cylinder Compression Pressures and Port Timings

Kelsey Fieseler and Dr. Timothy Jacobs, Texas A&M University; Dr. Mark Patterson, Baker-Hughes, a GE Company

Starting Methods for Large Electrical Motors

Michael Glasbrenner, Voith Turbo GmbH & Co. KG; Peter Lilje, Moeller & Poeller Engineering GmbH

PRCI Research Updates

Gary Choquette, Pipeline Research Council International

Using Business Intelligence Tools to Drive Asset Performance Management Improvements

Mark Brennan, Phillippe Loustau and Alesio Lanzara - Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Retrofitting Existing Compressor Stations

Cesare Ferrero, Nidec ASI; Mitchell Mauch and Sajeed Islam, Kinder Morgan

Case Study: Evaluation of Combustion Anomalies on a High Pressure Fuel Injected Clark TCVC-20M

Steven Hawley, Dresser-Rand; Mitchell Grace and Doug Tillison, TransCanada Pipeline

GMRC Project: Wet Gas Reciprocating Compressor Performance Testing

Sarah Simons, Ryan Cater, and Klaus Brun - Southwest Research Institute; Dr. Rainer Kurz, Solar Turbines

Design Considerations Associated with Reverse Flow Retrofitting

Chester Whinery and Kelsi Katcher, Southwest Research Institute; Phillip Bohannon, TransCanada

Maximizing Compressor Output by Utilizing Excess Cooler Capacity

Jeremy Osborne, Pegasus Optimization Managers, LLC; Jesse Kahle, Caterpillar, Inc.