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Deploying Next Generation Two-Stroke Cycle Pipeline Engine Controls Today: A Case Study

Heathcliff Howland & Gavin Goolsbee - Advanced Engine Technology Corporation

The Contribution of Base Movement in Large Integral Compressors to Frame Cracks

Charles Stanford, P.E. & Keith Schafer – Columbia Gas Transmission

Continuous Pressure Monitoring Based Control Systems for Gas Engines

Greg Beshouri - Advanced Engineering Technology Corp./Bryan Willson - Colorado State University/Thomas Walter – Kistler Instrument Corporation

Compressor Station Optimization Using Simulation-Based Optimization

Prakash Kirishnaswami, Kirby Chapman & Mohammad Abbaspour – National Gas Machinery Laboratory, Kansas State University

Compressor Station Ancillary Equipment: Know What You Are Buying, Part I

Michael A. Smith, PE -Texas Gas Transmission, Inc./Fred Mueller - Mueller Environmental Designs

Case Study: The Revamp of Four 7,000 HP Reciprocating Compressors

Bryan Lettman & Martin Hinchliff - Dresser-Rand

Basic Engine & Compressor Analysis Techniques

Ben Boutin, P.Eng. & Bob Webber - Dynalco

Advanced Compressor Engine Controls to Enhance Operation, Reliability and Integrity

Gary Bourn & Jack Smith - Southwest Research Institute; Warren Lawler – Cooper Compression