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2018GMC Paper

Using Compressor Modeling Software to Cost-Effectively Ensure Safe Operation of a Compressor

John Boser- National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation, Dwayne Hickman- ACI Services, Inc


Compressor units often experience fluctuating operating conditions and have a variety of methods of capacity control to respond to these. Additionally, automated units may respond to these conditions based off of their setpoints in unanticipated ways. With so many possible operating points, a compressor may run the risk of overloading, rod load issues, or premature wear of capacity control devices from over-cycling. Individual operating points can be analyzed, but often fail to provide the “overall picture.” With the use of commercially available reciprocating compressor performance software, it is possible to rapidly analyze both individual operating points and the entire “map” of a compressor’s operation. This paper illustrates two cases where performance software was used to gain situational awareness of compressor issues and avoid unsafe operation.

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