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2018GMC Paper

Tuscarora CS: Case Study on Solving Vibration Problems when Legacy Reciprocating Compressors had the Operating Ranges Extended

Eugene Broerman, Benjamin White- Southwest Research Institute, Terry Kreuz, Jeff Fry- National Fuel Gas

Reciprocating Compressors

Multiple operational changes were planned for the existing legacy reciprocating compressors at National Fuel Gas’ Tuscarora Compressor Station that were already experiencing pulsation-related concerns: Modifications to discharge piping (+ installation of a new high-speed Unit #3), Operating at speeds beyond the typical 400 rpm fixed speed and Running at higher loads in single-stage mode and different pressure ranges than used historically After implementing the changes without significant acoustic and mechanical improvements, piping vibrations were exacerbated. This paper includes a description of the problem, methods used to analyze the problem, ‘before’ field data, resulting solutions that were implemented, and ‘after’ field data.

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