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2018GMC Paper

SCR Aftertreatment Systems to Gas Turbines in Gas Compression Service

Gerry Fischer- W-Industries, Dan Rem, Florence Rodriguez Ramos- Enbridge

Unit Packaging/Station Design

SCR is the NOx aftertreatment technology of choice for oxygen containing combustion gases and is regularly used in various applications and industries. However, virtually all of these applications are in the power generation industry, SCR technology is rarely seen in the gas compression industry. The nature of variable turbine speed to drive a gas compressor along its load range compared to the single speed application in power generation as well as transient load changes have often been cited as potential challenges to utilizing SCR technology in the gas compression industry. Lacking other options, Enbridge implemented SCR technology on legacy recuperated GE Frame-3 turbines at three compressor sites, using equipment from various vendors and different technologies. Topics covered: Permitting Considerations, SCR Installation Options, Emission Inventory, Automation and Control Philosophies, Important commissioning steps (e.g. AIG optimization), Emission Results, Experience and Lessons Learned

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