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2017GMC Paper

Reciprocating Compressor Fleet Reliability - Asset Management Approaches and Trends from the Field

Wally Bratek, Alex Sosnowski, and Gary Maxwell, Wood Group – Vibration, Dynamics & Noise

Reciprocating Compressors, Unit Packaging/Station Design

Based on their involvement in measuring and analyzing vibration and pulsation on new and existing reciprocating compressors installations, experienced field engineers are able to identify fleet management, design, and operating trends that influence compressor reliability. The goal of this short course is to share that experience and provide insights into design considerations and industry best practices for reciprocating compressor installations, to maximize system integrity and avoid costly redesigns and repairs.

Participants will learn how to develop an effective screening approach and apply methods to evaluate vibration issues to determine the best solutions to root causes. This includes the use of basic and more advanced vibration measurement techniques to assess and mitigate vibration.

Common problem areas that impact compressor reliability will be discussed, along with applicable API standards that can be used to avoid these issues. Field solutions to reduce compressor-related vibration will also be discussed.

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