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2008GMC Paper

Pulsation & Vibration Control Strategies to Meet the New 5th Edition of API 618

Shelley Greenfield, Chris Harper & Kelly Eberle - Beta Machinery Analysis

API 618 5th Edition applies to reciprocating compressors. The new edition was released in the industry, including high speed machines, as the standard specification to avoid vibration problems and ensure high reliability. This short course outlines the key changes in the new standard, compared to the 4th Edition which was published in 1995. Topics include: brief background on pulsations, vibration, resonance and mechanical design; changes to pulsation analysis guidelines and the implication to controlling pulsation forces; discussion on cylinder stretching forces and other forces affecting the reciprocating compressor; mechanical design strategies to meet Design Approach 3 guidelines; identify key issues for high speed reciprocating compressors, including margin of separation criteria; implication to torsional vibration, dynamic skid design, and piping system flexibility (thermal); application examples for determining which API 618 study is appropriate.

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