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2009GMC Paper

Physical Asset Management: Implement a Proactive Maintenance Strategy to Prevent Unexpected Failures

Brad Grieves - Panhandle Energy/William A. Couch, PE - El Paso Corporation/Sandra Chapman & Kirby Chapman, PhD - Kansas State University NGML

While the Gas Machinery Conference provides an excellent means to learn of new technologies and analytical techniques, many attendees question how to put these technologies and techniques to good use. The best way to maximize the potential benefits of today’s technologies and techniques is to integrate these into a Physical Asset Management (PAM) strategy. PAM is a business strategy to properly integrate all processes, tactics, and tools for more efficient and proactive maintenance practices. This short course will review the current state of maintenance practices within most industry organizations, identify the cultural change and the associated challenges required to move into a PAM environment, and examine how one company is currently implementing a PAM strategy. Panhandle Energy formally implemented a comprehensive PAM strategy in 2007. Learn how they implemented the PAM strategy and what tactics, technologies and processes they have in place to proactively strive to continuously improve asset reliability and eliminate unexpected failures.

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