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2004GMC Paper

Mixing & Combustion Investigations in a Large Bore Optical Engine

Joel Lentz, Jeff Hoss, Daniel Olsen & Bryan Willson, Engines & Engine Conversion Laboratory, Colorado State University

Analysis, Regulatory

Reduced emissions and increased efficiencies of natural gas pipeline compressor engines are becoming increasingly important. Response to these needs requires detailed understanding of in-cylinder phenomena. The large bore optically accessible engine at Colorado State University was developed for this purpose. That is, to facilitate the study of in-cylinder phenomena in large bore natural gas engines in support of the development of retrofit technologies. This work is comprised of two separate investigations: (1) the study of mixing in a 4-stroke KVS-DT configuration optical engine with high pressure fuel injection and (2) visualization of combustion in a 2-stroke cycle optical engine with GMV cylinder geometry. Necessary optical engine modifications to accommodate 4-stroke operation and combustion are described. Planar laser induced fluorescence is utilized to image mixing for the first investigation; optimum timing for high pressure fuel injection in 4-stroke large bore engines is evaluated. To study combustion, direct imaging of ignition and flame propagation is carried out with a color Kodak Motion-Quarter Ultra high speed video camera.

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