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2018GMC Paper

Liquid Contamination in Dry Gas Seals, Phase 2: Modelling and Testing GMRC Project Update

Meera Day Towler, Tim Allison, Kevin Hoopes, Matthew Leopard, Dr. Amy McCleney, Aaron Rimpel- Southwest Research Institute

Analysis, Operations

The effects of liquids on dry gas seal performance is a topic of limited understanding, and conflicting theories exist regarding liquid-induced failure mechanisms. This presentation provides a project update on liquid contamination failures in DGS. Two-phase CFD will be performed on a seal model. The results will be used to study liquid contamination on the seal thermal environment and forces on seal components. SwRI will also design, build, and operate a test rig for experimental investigations of dry gas seal behavior with liquid contamination. Additional health and performance instrumentation will allow for calculating temperature distributions, breakaway torque, and shear forces.

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