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2017GMC Paper

Dry Gas Seals and Panels: Design, Operation and Maintenance Techniques for Improved Reliability

Meera Day, Tim Allison, Hector Delgado - Southwest Research Institute

Maintenance, Operations

Despite dry gas seal design, operation, and maintenance techniques being relatively well understood, there is frequently a gap between what should happen in theory and the implementation of dry gas seal supply systems in the field. This presentation aims to bridge that gap by helping to develop practical procedures for improving reliability in dry gas seals and their support systems. For example, dry gas seals mandate a clean and dry gas supply. However, on compressors where the supply is taken from the compressor discharge, the gas may be far from clean or dry. Among the topics included in the presentation will be seal gas supply treatment to reduce the likelihood of failure due to contamination. This presentation will include ways to mitigate real-world problems to improve operational reliability in the field. Topics that will be discussed include dry gas seal panel design, application-specific seal selection procedures, instrumentation and control recommendations, and techniques for avoiding liquid contamination in seals. This presentation will provide practical recommendations for design, operation, and maintenance of dry gas seals and their support systems based on field and project-based experience. Starting from the basic principles governing seal operation and progressing to techniques for improved reliability, this presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of dry gas seal design, operation, and maintenance.

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