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2017GMC Paper

Diagnostics for Reciprocating Engines/Compressors

Gary Choquette, Pipeline Research Council International; Greg Beshouri, HOERBIGER; Gregg Arney, Southern California Gas


This short course will describe continuous diagnostic techniques to assess the operating performance of reciprocating engines and compressors. Specifics to be discussed include:

  • The motivations for using continuous equipment diagnostics
  • The basic concepts of CEPM
  • Architecture of CEPM systems
  • Software design
  • Developing diagnostic models
    • Engine
    • Compressor
    • Unit
  • Engine performance verification
  • Review of test cases
    • Ignition systems
    • Pre-chamber check valves
    • Control stability
    • Turbochargers
    • Ancillary equipment
      • Pump discharge pressure
      • Aftercooler temperature rise
      • Main bearings
    • Compressor performance

The objective of the short course is to provide the building blocks and techniques such that operators and service providers can develop their own diagnostic methods.

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