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2018GMC Paper

Control of Torsional Vibrations in Direct-Driven Separable Reciprocating Compressors

Norm Shade- ACI Services Inc., Troy Feese- Engineering Dynamics, Inc., Wencho Wang- IDC Engineering, Alasdair Robinson- Wood Group VDN, Charles W. Yeiser- Rotor Bearing Technology & Software, Inc.

Reciprocating Compressors

Safe and reliable operation of reciprocating compressors depends on proper analysis and control of torsional natural frequencies and response levels. Torsional problems can often go undetected because there are no operational, visual or audible signs of them until a significant failure occurs. In this course, a team of experienced torsional analysts will introduce the GMRC GUIDELINE AND RECOMMENDED PRACTICE FOR CONTROL OF TORSIONAL VIBRATIONS FOR DIRECT-DRIVEN LOW-SPEED AND HIGH-SPEED SEPARABLE RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS and explain how to use the Guideline to select, design, analyze and test reciprocating compressor systems to avoid torsional vibration problems.

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