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2017GMC Paper

Clark TCVC Troubleshoot Frame and Running Gear

Forrest Reid and Danny Vickers, Universal Plant Services Midstream

Analysis, Maintenance, Operations

This course will cover all aspects of work that was performed on a 20 cylinder Clark TCVC in an effort to make it more reliable and able to run at full rated speed and load. The unit in question was de-rated by Engineering and Operations personnel because of the extreme levels of vibration when run at full speed (345 rpm).

Engineering Dynamics Inc. performed analysis and dynamic modelling on this unit back in 1999. The results of this study revealed excessive forces at the #5 main bearing. Vibration data collected on this unit supported the dynamic modelling, as well as historical maintenance records. The #5 main bearing was found broken at least once during previous maintenance activities. Recommendations were made to install counterweights directly to the crankshaft to help reduce these forces. UPS Midstream was brought in to assist with tear down and reassembly of the unit to facilitate the installation of the counterweights.

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